Navidium shipping protection helps by protecting your order from lost, stolen, and damaged packages from American Blues. We always strive to offer great customer service for our customers, Navidium shipping protection helps with that goal. Navidium shipping protections provides customers with refunds or replacement packages in the event that your package qualifies.

Filing a Claim

To file a claim, please reach out to our customer support team here. Please provide your name, order number, and a brief explanation of what happened as well as pictures if necessary.

Lost Packages Policies

Packages that are lost are fully covered with Navidium shipping protection. Lost packages are packages that have not reached their destination and have 7 or more days of no updated tracking information, or have been delivered to the wrong address. We may ask for proof of residence by asking for a photo of our front door with your house number if the package has been delivered to the wrong address.

Navidium does not cover packages if the address has been entered incorrectly at checkout. You will need to reach out to our customer service if you have entered the address wrong at checkout.

Packages that have been returned to sender due to being unable to be delivered are not covered by Navidium. Please reach out to customer service if your package has been returned to sender.

Navidium does not cover orders stuck at customs or borders. Customer is required to pay all fees in order to receive packages at customs or borders.

Please wait no less than 7 days of inactivity from your packages shipping manifest before reaching out to file a claim with Navidium for lost packages.

Damaged Package Policies

Navidium covers packages that have been damaged in transit. Please provide pictures of the damage to the merchandise as well as the package. An attempt will be made to get the claim covered by FedEx first and if that fails the order will be covered by Navidium. 

If the packaging appears to be damaged but the merchandise is still in new condition Navidium will not cover the package claim.

General Policies

Customers unsatisfied with their item are not covered under Navidium shipping protection. Please reach out to customer service to handle any issues with satisfaction.

Customers have 10 days from date of delivery to file a claim with Navidium. Any claims made outside the 10 day window will be rejected. 

Delays in shipping, or expedited shipping charges are not covered under Navidium Package Protection.

Any payment installments are the customer's liability to fulfill and Navidium will not reach out to any companies to facilitate payment to installment companies.

Navidium package protection only covers packages while inside the United States. Once your package has crossed any borders, we are no longer able to provide package protection.

Navidium package protection is a non refundable service.

Stolen Packages Policies

Navidium package protection does cover stolen packages. In the event that your package was stolen we ask that you wait up to 5 days to file a claim with customer service, as the package may be still in transit or easily found around the premises.

Filing a police report

At our discretion, Navidium may require a police report when the customer’s package is marked as delivered. In the event that a police report is required. Please provide all documentation to customer service of the police report. 

Note: Depending upon the jurisdiction, a false police report may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony